Financial IT Core Business System

HopeRun Software has profound understanding about the demands and development of banking business IT system in China. With the provision of the leading bank core business system solution, HopeRun supports bank institutional clients to enhance their capabilities of customer service, to improve business management and to strengthen the competitiveness.
       As a leading enterprise, HopeRun Software focuses on the bank process reengineering for (core) IT architecture of (Entrepreneurial) banks and has created the advanced solution for banking process reengineering.
       HopeRun Software has established regional business operation platforms in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu. Currently, there are over 50 senior experts with extensive experience and over 2,000 employees serving for the implementation of bank core business IT system in HopeRun Software. HopeRun Software has three business lines, including Lifecycle Management (LCM), Bank Resource Management (BRM) and Big Data Application (DTS) and has established strategic cooperation with leading domestic and international IT companies.


● The All-in-One Solution of Customer Membership

By drawing on the extensive experience of service delivery and system integration in retail, terminal, financial and other industries, HopeRun is capable to provide an all-in-one solution of customer membership for business institutions.
       Under the integrated solution, customers could possess various memberships of different merchants within a single account. Business institutions could utilize the solution to manage the coupons, points and payments of membership, to provide self-service, to analyze customer dataset and also to jointly market with other vendors. The integrated solution could facilitate business and enhance values of business institutions.

● IT Financial Architecture Solution

After transforming from physical banks (Bank 1.0) to online banks (Bank 2.0), banking industry is moving forward to the transformation of Bank 3.0. Under Bank 3.0, banks will gradually shift to customer-centric business. With the guidance of Bank 3.0 concepts, the IT Financial Architecture Solution of HopeRun Software will support financial institutions to provide customized financial services and to transform into customer-centric organizations. This solution can help financial institution build up a consolidated entrepreneurial architecture internally, through product and customer operation. On the other hand, IT Financial Architecture Solution can help financial institutions create a customer-centric business ecosystem and make financial service incorporated in the business process of customers.
Successful Cases:
1) China Guangfa Bank, Jiangsu Rural Credit Union: Help clients make the 3-year IT planning of application, data, IT Framework and implementation.
2) Zhejiang Rural Credit Union: Provide consulting and planning service of IT Financial Platforms.
3) China Construction Bank, SPD Bank: Provide consulting service of constructing new-generation bank core business system

● Project Management Office Solution PMO

PMO (Project Management Office) can formalize and standardize the internal working practice, process and operation. Also, PMO can reconcile and consolidate resources for cross-functional assignments of the organization. PMO solution of HopeRun Software could provide the following service:
● Consulting and implementing project management system
● Consulting and professional service for large PMO projects
● Consulting service for supporting scenario of large projects

● Comprehensive Acquiring Service Solution

Comprehensive Acquiring Service Platform is compatible with different demands of acquiring service in both of China and oversea market. This full-featured and leading solution adopts the technologies of integrated architecture, modular structure and parametric design. For acquiring financial institutions, the solution will enhance their performance and integrate the resource of enterprises. Also, the solution can provide the services, including online transaction processing, risk control, end-of-day settlement, verification of bilateral or trilateral account statements and basic dispute settlement.


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