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With the over 10-year experience in the design and implementation of application system for insurance core business, HopeRun Software has established the improved insurance IT solution. HopeRun Software has a large pool of industry experts to provide professional services of business solutions and IT implementation for customers. The insurance application system of HopeRun Software adopts mainstream design principles of distributed and servicing system and it is also in accordance with the current development trends of insurance industry.


● Auto Insurance Underwriting Solution

The Auto Insurance Underwriting Solution adopts the distributed and component-based design. The core business of auto insurance is encapsulated independently and is managed by the unified service gateway in the Auto Insurance Underwriting Solution. Also, this solution is hierarchically designed based on the business properties of auto insurance. It can maintain basic data structure, synchronize the database and support various front ends (including PC, Mobile, Telemarketing and Third Party) to call the underwriting services. The top 3 P&C insurance companies in China has verified the Auto Insurance Underwriting Solution of HopeRun, which could support 1000 Transactions per Second (TPS).

● Auto Insurance Claims Solution

Auto Insurance Claim Solution of HopeRun Software has strong competitive advantages in insurance industry and has evolved into the third generation. The solution uses file engines, rule engines, and process engines to implement file management, case classification, intelligent dispatch, and differentiated process flows. Meanwhile, the solution provides the unified workbench and third party management, based on tasks management. Based on big data analysis, the solution can also provide the identification of leak prevention, the whole-process knowledge reminder, claims monitoring and KPI analysis. The system of Auto Insurance Claims Solution is designed based on distributed architecture. Apart from providing services for core business of insurance claims, the standard service of this solution can also interface with mobile application, WeChat and other partners.

● Non-Auto Insurance Core Business Solution

Non-Auto Insurance Core Business Solution adopts the the distributed, structured and component-based design to construct the standardized instruction set of core business (including product development, quotation, underwriting, claims and renewal). Also, the solution could satisfy traditional business operation and demands. The product modeling technique of this solution can quickly respond to the release of new product and also quickly complete the modeling for quotation, underwriting, claims and other businesses. Furthermore, the solution could provide the unified and task-oriented workbench. The core functions of Non-Auto Insurance Core Business Solution adopt independent encapsulation and distributed structure and it is managed by the unified service gateway. All of the features can enable various front ends (including PC, Mobile, Telemarketing and Third Party) to call the service and, in turn, enhance the efficiency.

● Payment Management Solution

HopeRun Software provides insurance institutions with the all-in-one solution, which can fully support various finance operations. The system of Payment Management Solution consists of five segments: settlement, accounting, corporate-to-bank connection, invoice & tax and account receivable warning. This solution has been proved by many large insurance companies and insurance agents.

● Sales Management Solution

Sales management Solution is designed to provide insurance companies with the standardized sales channel management system, the professional sales team, and the visualized management process of sales expense policy. The solution can also realize the tracking management of sales costs, classified payment settlement and can provide IT support for the real-time monitoring and management of expense data. For insurance companies, the systematic sales channels, sales teams and expense policy control can lay a solid foundation for reasonable pricing, market guidance, risk management and expense policy-making.

● Insurance Intermediary Core System

The all-in-one system has multiple functions to serve for the businesses of insurance intermediaries. It can provide service, including institution management, personnel management, customer management, product management, insurance policy management, claim management, commission settlement management, budget and expense management, receipt and payment management, interfacing business system with finance system and collecting and analyzing reports. This solution leverages cloud technology, distributed deployment and other new technologies. With the features of high degree of automation, low manual intervention, low complexity of system construction, strong scalability of distributed architecture, low operation and maintenance cost and high availability, Insurance Intermediary Core System is able to provide insurance intermediaries with convenient, efficient, stable and safe system.

● Data Mart Solution

The Data Mart Solution of HopeRun Software provides different data marts for insurance industry, including auto insurance, non-auto insurance and financial data. This solution covers multiple business areas, such as customer analysis, valuation analysis of vehicles (subject-matter insured), underwriting analysis, claims analysis, expense analysis and cost analysis of insurance policy.

● E-marketing Platform Solution of Life Insurance

The E-marketing Platform Solution of Life Insurance is designed to provide a unified service platform to satisfy the e-marketing demands of life insurance companies. The solution integrates various online marketing channels, including website, mobile terminal, WeChat etc. The solution can achieve the configurable management for products and marketing processes in order to meet demands of different sales scenarios.


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