Intelligent Terminal Embedded Software Business

HopeRun Software is a leading provider of intelligent terminal product solutions. The intelligent terminal businesses cover various kinds of terminal products, including smart phone/tablet, intelligent set-up box, wearable terminals, intelligent automobile terminal and other customized terminals. With the professional talent team and the improved customer service system, HopeRun Software has possessed the high-quality and all-in-one R&D system of chip, terminal, internet application, testing and professional laboratories.
       Currently the Intelligent Terminal Embedded Software Business has attracted customers of many famous domestic companies and international companies from Japan, Korea, Europe and USA.


● Testing Service – Core Technology Service

HopeRun Software has provided intelligent terminal testing service for over 8 years. The service scope ranges from the whole device, chip to mobile application, and HopeRun offers different cooperation models.

● Internet Application Business – Core Technology Service

HopeRun Software has comprehensive capacity of end-to-end application development in the area of Internet Application Service. HopeRun Software always devotes to research and develop the popular technologies of Android, IOS and HTML5. Especially in areas of framework optimization and 3D HopeRun Software has possessed leading technology advantages.

● Chip Business – Core Technology Service

HopeRun Software keeps developing in various core areas of chip, including FPGA testing, SOC driver, Camera, audio/video, GPU and performance tuning. The chip business of HopeRun Software has core OS porting technology expertise for the operating systems like Android, Linux and Zephyr. It also has complete development capacity of chip debug tools. HopeRun Software also provides the turnkey solution. Currently HopeRun has established close cooperation with leading chip companies for chip business.

● Terminal Business – Core Technology Service

HopeRun Software is able to develop multiple platforms, systems and devices. Based on platforms, such as Qualcomm, MTK and Spreadtron, and mobile phone systems, such as Android, Tizen and Firefox, HopeRun Software can provide development system, APP and communication protocol for various devices, ranging from phone, tablet, television to IoT. HopeRun Software can provide ROM upgrade service and also offer customized service for carriers from North America, Japan, Korea, Europe and China.


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