Financial IT Core Business System

HopeRun Software has profound understanding about the demands and development of banking business IT system in China. With the provision of the leading bank core business system solution, HopeRun supports bank institutional clients to enhance their capabilities of customer service, to improve business management and to strengthen the competitiveness.
       As a leading enterprise, HopeRun Software focuses on the bank process reengineering for (core) IT architecture of (Entrepreneurial) banks and has created the advanced solution for banking process reengineering.
       HopeRun Software has established regional business operation platforms in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu. Currently, there are over 50 senior experts with extensive experience and over 2,000 employees serving for the implementation of bank core business IT system in HopeRun Software. HopeRun Software has three business lines, including Lifecycle Management (LCM), Bank Resource Management (BRM) and Big Data Application (DTS) and has established strategic cooperation with leading domestic and international IT companies.


● ICredit ? Alert

ICredit ? Alert is a product designed to provide risk monitoring and early warning for commercial banks. It can effectively enhance risk management of commercial banks. It leverages leading technologies, such as big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, to provide risk forecasting. Also, ICredit ? Alert is centered on the early warning of the portfolio and combined with traditional early warning of a single client throughout the entire credit process. Furthermore, ICredit ? Alert can consolidate information from various channels to provide real-time, continuous and dynamic monitoring and analysis for bank institutional clients. According to risk strategy and preference of banks, ICredit ? Alert will provide customized early warning management model. The real-time monitoring platform of ICredit ? Alert can cover various assets, customers and the whole process.
Successful Case:
Bank of Chengdu –Big Data driven risk forecasting and early warning system

● Operational Data Storage(ODS)

ODS is based on HADOOP (open source) to achieve unified scheduling and monitoring, and to create unified data models, data exchange and data management. ODS can help financial institutions realize unified data collection, storage, offline data processing and provide integrated online data service.
Successful Case:
Bank of Changsha – Big Data driven platform and historical data query.

● Precision Marketing Recommender System

Precision Marketing Recommender System leverages various leading technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, complex network and time series, to provide commercial banks with customer-centric, tailored and intelligent precision marketing recommender. This system can not only recommend suitable customers for commercial banks, but also recommend appropriate products for customers of banks. Moreover, the system can help banks to standardize marketing process management and integrate resources of different retail business lines.
Successful Cases:
1) Provincial branches of Bank of China – Big Data Precision Marketing Recommender System for noble metal assets, financial products, fund products, and cross-border service of bank cards.
2) Provincial branches of Bank of Communications - Big Data Precision Marketing Recommender System for asset retention of payroll client.

● Business Integration Platform

Business Integration Platform is established based on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and works between channel system and product system. The Platform will re-organize and assemble the service units of product system into a business-oriented and reusable composition process. Then, channel system and other systems can call the composition process in the form of grained service.
Successful Cases:
1) SPD Bank – Business Centralized Processing Project
2) Liangshan Prefectural Commercial Bank - Business Centralized Processing Project

● Channel Integration Platform

Channel Integration Platform is designed to solve the problems, such as large volume of channel development and slow channel delivery. At the same time, this product adopts distributed structure in order to control the carrying capacity in real time, to deploy the running system and to upgrade component.

● Electronic Data Processing

EDP is a product for application lifecycle management. It combines the advantages of waterfall model and agile model. The product also uniquely combines the methods of project development and process control. EDP strives to provide agile, intuitive, quantifiable and efficient development and management model.

● Events Cloud

Events Cloud is a platform that can be used to collect and analyze IT events and it connects IT operation and IT maintenance. Events Cloud provides comprehensive and intelligent service for operation, monitoring and analysis. The service areas range from system monitoring, log monitoring, transaction risk monitoring and business risk monitoring to user behavior analysis and marketing events management.
Successful Cases:
1) China Securities: Establish an integrated operation and management platform, which combines log data and market data.
2) Huatai Securities: HopeRun Software provides Huatai Securities with a unified log retrieving platform, which replaces the more expensive product, Splunk.

● Intelligent Trading Command System

Intelligent Trading Command System is the reconciliation and command center for cross-system trading events. It makes trading events traceable, detectable, verifiable and manageable. This system can collect trading reports, revert transaction chains and can monitor the continuity of business. Meanwhile, Intelligent Trading Command System can provide end-to-end performance management and customer experience management.
Successful Case:
SPD Bank – Help SPD Bank complete the following work:
Revert transaction chains; Quickly position the trading fault points; Display the overview of the whole business operation and the health conditions of the system; Monitor the continuity of business.

● Distributed Core Architecture System

Distributed Core Architecture System is customer-centric and it can satisfy the demands of interest rate marketization and multidimensional pricing (including the dimensions of product, contract and customer). As a new-generation banking core account management system, this system can support enterprise-level product factory and account management. The business areas of this system cover online business and traditional deposit and loan business. The product consists of two parts: distributed technique platform and distributed application platform, so that banks can not only leverage this product to manage daily business, but also to achieve capacity on demand.
Successful Cases:
1) China Minsheng Bank: Distributed Core Architecture System
2) Asia Financial Cooperation Association: Distributed Core Account Transaction System
3) Industrial Bank: Distributed Core Architecture System
4) Jiangsu Exchange Depository and Clearing Co. Ltd : Distributed Account Management System

● Performance Monitoring and Analysis Platform

Performance Monitoring and Analysis Platform provide financial institutions with comprehensive monitoring and diagnostics of system performance. Also, this platform can help user position performance bottlenecks with diagnostic results offered. This platform is able to provide early warning and business scenario pre-analysis. With these features, the platform can enhance online security of product and maintain the high availability of product.

● Big Data Driven Data Analysis Platform for Financial Institution

The Big Data Driven Data Analysis Platform can provide data analysis for financial institutions, based on big data, and can satisfy various demands of financial business, including data collection, data cleaning, data storage, data analysis, data mining and data visualization. Also, the platform can help customer add values on the business from risk control, cross marketing and customer profiling. Apart from having various visualization charts, strong data analyzing and processing capacity, this platform can support the data collection from multiple resources and can build indicator model.

● Retail Marketing Management Platform

Retail Marketing Management Platform provides turnkey financial service based on the lifecycle of “customer and household”. For customer service and product marketing, by utilizing scenario-driven method the platform integrates different functions of retail business system. This platform can synchronize multiple channels and realize the one-stop marketing and sales. It also achieves fast innovation and release of product. Furthermore, the platform will optimize back-office system, open up interaction channels of process, data and assignments across systems, and will build data models and in turn enhance the overall service efficiency.


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