Financial IT Testing Business

As a leading company in Financial IT Testing area of China, HopeRun Software possesses industry expertise, professional teams, extensive experience and high-end customers. HopeRun Software has always been focusing on testing business for large application software of financial institutions. HopeRun Software has established the leading testing system and made trailblazing work in test analysis, automated testing, test group planning, production platform testing, management platform testing, asset testing and other areas. The testing system of HopeRun Software has been proved by practicing the large-scale testing projects for the core and peripheral systems of various financial business, such as bank, securities and treasury bonds.


● SIT Testing and Automated Regression Testing Service

SIT Testing and Automated Regression Testing Service can develop automated testing framework, based on demands of financial institutions. By combining with manual testing method, the quality and efficiency of the automated testing service can be improved. The testing implementation processes include business analysis, case design, test execution, change management and defects management.
Successful case: Bank of Communications

● Automated Testing Service

According to the conditions of the customer, Automated Testing Service can provide test data, which is composed of business elements, and test script, which is necessary to automatically generate trading templates. Automated Testing Service can also provide data-driven testing service. The implementation of Automated Testing Service adopts the following strategies:
1) introducing automated implementation system and establishing testing production lines (based on the management of production process);
2) creating standardized automated service and expanding the application of automated testing;
3) establishing the model, which combines manual with automated management and it is able to realize the unified and whole-process manual/automated management.

● Offshore/Offsite Delivery Center (ODC)

ODC is a professional management platform for collaborative testing and provides professional offshore delivery for customers. The service areas include test design, test analysis, test execution, test management, test resource planning and test asset library.
Successful Case: China Zheshang Bank

● SIT and UAT Testing Service

SIT and UAT Testing Service can provide testing service for core business system upgrade of bank institutions. By leveraging SIT and UAT together, the service can distinguish testing focuses of different phases and prioritize the testing based on the system weights. During the process of test execution, the service strictly controls test scopes and methods and adjusts test progress and resource timely.

● Core Function Testing

Core Function Testing Service can provide testing for core functions of bank institutions. It is mainly performed by manual testing team with assistance of automated testing team. The areas of service can cover many core businesses of financial institutions, including asset, liability, peripheral service, wholesale, domestic currency, foreign currency and public business.
       Manual Testing Team will mainly analyze, design and test for transformation points (produced per month) and the influence scope of the points. Automated Testing Team will do regression on the cases that are applicable for automated testing and within the influence scope. Also, automated team will provide data needed by manual testing team.

● Performance Testing Service

HopeRun Software provides bank institutions with performance testing service for system upgrade. The service adopts the methodologies of performance test. It will develop testing strategy and content, based on the demands of system under test. The testing areas include benchmark test, single transaction load test, hybrid test, surge test, stability test and batch.

● System Features Test Service

HopeRun Software provides bank institutions with system features testing service for new system. HopeRun Software put forward a new theory that sets business as testing criteria. This service adopts business analysis method, which includes formal expression of business rules, processes and elements. Also, System Features Test Service leverages the case design method, based on the transaction chain theory. System Features Test Service can guarantee the integrity and standardization of test use cases by utilizing above methods and theories.


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