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With the over 10-year experience in the design and implementation of application system for insurance core business, HopeRun Software has established the improved insurance IT solution. HopeRun Software has a large pool of industry experts to provide professional services of business solutions and IT implementation for customers. The insurance application system of HopeRun Software adopts mainstream design principles of distributed and servicing system and it is also in accordance with the current development trends of insurance industry.


● Insurance Agent Mobile Platform

Insurance Agent Mobile Platform is a cloud-based, lightweight and collaborative mobile marketing service platform, which focuses on customer management and marketing promotion. Meanwhile, based on the platform the insurance agent institution can enhance customer management and 360-degree customer analysis, promote precision marketing, enrich types of insurance products and improve sales supporting system. Also, by enabling synchronous interaction with WeChat, APP and PC, the platform helps insurance agents establish a diverse marketing service ecosystem.

● Mobile Claims Application

Mobile Claims Application utilizes mobile tools to integrate resources of claims and to achieve customer self-service and the coordination of front and back office. The product can be used by insurance inspectors and insurance assessors. Mobile Claims Application supports the whole processing of simple property insurance cases (including auto) and also support tracking and reconciliation of personal injury cases. For large and complex cases Mobile Claims Application assists the survey and image acquisition. The product also provides customer with self-service claims. For simple auto insurance case, it can support self-service for the whole process.

● Data Metrics Sharing Platform

Data Metrics Sharing Platform has a full mechanism including definition, using and control, analysis and results release. Based on a unified metrics formula, the back-office of this platform utilizes data analytical tools. The front end of this platform adopts mobile development framework and can push the data results to users in the forms of charts or reports.

● Multidimensional Profit Analysis System

Multidimensional Profit Analysis System can analyze operation profits and financial position of the company from various dimensions, such as operating institutions, business channels and insurance types. The data of income and expenditures such as premium income, claim expenditure, commission based on insurance policy can be collected by business system and ensured its consistency with the general ledger. Based on resource drivers and business drivers it will achieve the multi-level expense allocation.

● Insurance Policy Information Reporting System (CIITC)

This system interfaces with the system of China Insurance Information Technology Management Co., Ltd. (CIITC) to help insurance institutions report and submit insurance policy information to CIITC. The system consists of various functions, such as data model conversion, data dictionary mapping, data files generation, data reporting and data verification.


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